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We pride ourselves in being able to rewind most pickups that have been built since the introduction of the electric guitar. We carry stocks of hard to get vintage spec wire, and have been trusted to rebuild and renovate pickups from original Fender ‘Nocaster’ units to 50s PAFs and through to early Japanese and modern high output units. Please phone us for a quote on your rewind/renovation job, we are probably a lot less expensive than you think  … from £30 a coil plus P&P!


Our ‘Custom Shop’ service allows you to chose some models not in our Standard or Masterwound range, and also design your own pickup with us to specifically fit your needs. Everything here can be changed to fit your own personal tastes … it’s truly a dream factory. If you are a maker of instruments we can work with you to create something unique to your range. Phone us on 0208 257 0281 you always get to speak to the person who will be winding your pickups … not just a receptionist.

Oil City Custom Shop

Our own laser cutter means limitless customisation possibilities.