Oil City ‘Standard’ range

Pickups hand made in London, that offer value for money as well as superb sounds.

Priced around the same as mass produced US aftermarket pickups, these have all the hand made care in their construction that only a small company can bring.

‘Nothing ordinary about Standard!’

Our premium series: these pickups take on the top boutique makers worldwide, and set a new standard for tone.

‘Using the finest materials and with the most exacting assembly … each is hand made, serial numbered and signed … by me alone’.


As fitted to Feline Guitars, Carillion Guitars, The Blackmachine B6 and many quality UK made custom instruments.

Oil City ‘Masterwound’ range

We make up our pickups in small batches and don’t carry large stocks, so please allow 7-10 working days for dispatch,  we may well have to wind your pickup for you. If you are in a rush please contact us ... we just might have your pickup in stock. Postage and packing quoted is for UK and is calculated on the value of the order at the checkout ... We’re happy to post worldwide ... Just ask for a quote.

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Just like the Mighty Ninety but using alnico 2 magnet in the neck, and alnico 4 in the bridge … for a smoother blues rock tone. Buttery, singing leads are the order of the day here.


Using alnico 3 magnets, the Jazz ninety is especially suited to semi acoustics … roll off that tone a little for a perfect jazz sound. Mind you, this pickup is no slouch when it comes to rockier stuff, and takes pedals well. It’s low string pull maximises your guitar’s natural sustain.


Like the mighty ninety only more so! A 10k bridge, 8k neck powerhouse packing alnico 8 magnets. Harder rock tones and a powerful bass and midrange are the forte of the Supermassive 90.


The HB sized version of our normal Void P90 … if you can call 21k bridge, 17k neck and twin alnico 8 powered … normal!

Quite how we managed to pack all this mayhem into such a small space I’m not sure, but if your thing is Black Country metal with very heavy overtones, this is one pickup that won’t leave you feeling paranoid. It still has plenty of ‘cut’ on the treble end if you need it, but this pickup is all about huge grinding mids and bass. Dress in black, tune down and play some doom laden riffs … sure you get the idea.

P90 humbucker size

Cover options are nickel or open top (with nickel or black trim rings).

Cover options are nickel or open top (with nickel or black trim rings).

Cover options are nickel or open top (with nickel or black trim rings).

Cover option: open top only, nickel or black

Oil City humbucker sized Mighty Nineties are wound like their proper, full sized cousins: using a specially designed bobbin (made by us) to capture as much of that vintage tone as possible.

The Mighty Ninety has a resistance of 7.5 neck, 8k bridge (average) and a sweet but edgy classic tone. Under drive it becomes progressively ruder and more aggressive.

Built with classic alnico 5 magnets, and Available in nickel cover with 49.2mm (classic Gibson) string spacing, or open topped (nickel or black ring) in 49.2 or now ‘trem spaced’ 52mm for the bridge!

Humbucker sized ‘P90’ single coil:

Though they are one of the oldest pickup designs around, P90s never seem to lose their appeal. However, it’s only in fairly recent years that the tone of a proper ‘90’ has been available in humbucker size.  

In the early days pickup winders fudged about using humbucker bobbins inside P90 style casings, or cut down P90 bobbins to fit ‘bucker’ sized covers.

price for singles
price for singles
price for singles
price for singles
price for singles

Oil City pickups have no connection with Fender Musical Instruments Gibson or Gretsch.