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Wiring diagrams

Phase: Single coils Strat®/Tele®

Our Strat® and Tele® pickups are wound to early sixties wind direction and polarity.

Right facing, top coming  and south up for all bridge pickups

Right facing top going and north up for RWRP Tele® neck units and Strat® middle RWRP units

These winding directions may cause out of phase behaviour with some pickups not manufactured by Oil City, and we are happy to wind to a specific direction/polarity if it’s known. Otherwise swapping signal and earth wires on the out of phase pickup will reverse the electrical phase. This may not enable RWRP humcanceling however, and to do thhis on a Tele® neck unit will require you to unlink the cover from the ground side of the circuit by snipping the short link wire in the back of the pickup.

We can’t guarantee our pickups will work in phase with other brands, as there is no specific wind direction polarity standard. We will try and help you by phone if you get stuck however.

Phase: Single coils Phase: Single coils P90®

Our P90® pickups are wound left facing, top coming and south up. Our standard sets are not RWRP as that detracts from some of the tone, however we are happy to RWRP a set if you ask before we wind.

Our humbuckers are wound left facing both coils with ‘screw’ being south up, and ‘slug’ being north up.

Screw coil start is black,

Screw coil finish is green,

Slug coil start is red

Slug coil finish is white.

The ‘series link’ wires are therefore white and green. This is the standard Gibson® wiring code, but if you use wiring diagrams from other manufacturers you must change the colour coding to match our/Gibson® standard.

Here’s a link to a helpful code chart

 From my regular writing on the Fretboard Forum:   Wiring a coil split to a CTS push pull pot for coil split

Original package wiring instructions


Oil City pickups have no connection with Fender Musical Instruments Gibson or Gretsch.